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Extended Cord for Trout Fisherman Available For Thunderbolt Electric Heated Socks
Trout Fishermen
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February 2009 Independent Testing Lab Declares Thunderbolt "The Best Electric Socks in America"
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Attention International Orders!
Due to international shipping regulations Thunderbolt will be shipping to Canada via UPS ground. All is not lost! Thunderbolt will prepay UPS brokerage charges.


Thunderbolt electric heated socks are convenient to use and last for hours. Many electric socks heat only your toes, our electric socks heat your entire foot. This heating method not only provides extra heat to your feet, it allows your body's own heat to be put to better use, warming your entire body.

Thunderbolt electric heated socks are safe. Low voltage eliminates possibility of shock, even when wet.

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Four Styles of Electric Heated Socks to Choose From:

Active Sports Heated Socks
Light Weight Heated Socks for Active Sports

This heated electric sock is thinner and designed to be worn inside an athletic shoe.

This sock is superb for

• mountain bikers
• skiers
• hikers

Heated Socks for Chronically Cold Feet
Heated Socks
for Chronically
Cold Feet

New styles available for Chronically Cold Kits!

This heated electric sock is designed to be worn in the house. It's powered by 115 VAC - no batteries needed!

This sock is ideal for people with

• poor circulation or
• chronically cold feet

Heated Socks for Sportmen
Heated Socks
for Sportsmen


This heated electric sock is designed to heat in the coldest situations with a thick heating pad
and thick fabric.

Developed for

• hunters
• outdoors sportsmen
• sport fans

Heated Socks for Women
Heated Socks for Women

This heated electric sock is equal in all ways to the other styles except it is especially sized for the woman's foot.

Thunderbolt Heated Electric Socks Warm Your Whole Body


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