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"I bought the reserve battery pack. I don't come out of the woods for lunch and the extra battery keeps my electric socks going all day."

RG, Grand Rapids, MI


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Extra-Long Wire Option for Trout Fishermen

Thunderbolt offers a extended wire option. This allows the placement of the battery/ controller in a pocket of your chest waders.*


$7.00 (plus socks of your choice)

*This is an option added to a sock order only since the sock is specially built with a longer cable.

Battery Packs

Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Lithium Ion

A second battery pack doubles the time you can spend in the field between recharges and is recommended for all-day use in cold weather. An extra advantage is that one battery pack can be recharging while the other is in use. Battery cells don't exhibit "memory" and don't have to be completely discharged before recharging. The accessory pack is identical to the original and easily slips into the waist-mounted pouch. For convenience in carrying the second pack before it is needed, order the extra pouch below. One pouch can be clipped to each side of the waist.



(Requires #1542 Rapid Charger listed below)

Battery Chargers

Lithium Ion Battery Pack Charger


Use to recharge the battery. Battery will be fully charged in less than three hours. The charger will automatically shut-off once the battery is fully charged. A red LED light shows the battery is charging and a green LED light shows charging is complete. Plugs into an ordinary wall socket.



Other Accessories

Thunderbolt 12 Volt
Charger Cable for LiIon Battery Packs

SMART 12V cigarette lighter chargers for LiIon battery packs now available! Automatick shutoff. The adapter is quick and easy to use, and it allows you to charge your battery on the go
(for LiIon battery packs only).




Thunderbolt 110 Volt AC
Power Supply

Run the socks from a wall outlet indefinitely without a battery pack.







Accessory Pouch

Recommended for carrying a second battery pack in the field. Clips to belt.






Liner Socks

We recommend a liner socks be worn inside the thunderbolt electric socks. This allows the user to wash the liner socks frequently and hand-wash the electric socks less often.

Any thin sock may be used as a liner, but we offer a high-quality liner sock especially designed to wick away perspiration. Our recommended liner socks feature:

1. X-Static silver coated nylon to help eliminate foot odor naturally.

2. Silver provides natural thermal conductivity to even out foot temperature.

3. Smooth, flat toe seam for maximum comfort.


#1545 S (Mens 6-7)
#1546 M (Mens 8-9)
#1547 L (Mens 10-11)
#1548 XL (Mens 12-15)


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