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"Thunderbolt's heated socks have given me extra comfortable hours in my tree stand. By keeping still, I'm seeing more bucks"

MH, Medford, WI

Thunderbolt Electric Heated Socks

Light Weight Heated Socks for Active Sports
This heated sock is thinner than our other electric socks. Both the fabric of the sock and the thickness of the heating pad have been slimmed down to to be worn inside an athletic shoe. This sock is convienent for mountain biker, skiers, and hikers.

Heated Socks for Chronically Cold Feet
This heated electric sock is designed to be worn in the house. Powered by 115 VAC, these socks run all day and night. There is a battery option available for heat on the go. This sock is ideal for people with poor circulation or cronically cold feet.

Heated Socks for Sportsmen
This heated electric sock is designed to be worn inside a pair of insulated boots, over a pair of inner socks. They have a thick heating pad and a thick fabric. This sock is perfect for ice fisherman, hunters, and outdoor sports fans.

Heated Socks for Ladies
This heated electric sock is especially sized for the woman's foot.