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Customer Testimonials

"I am a polio from 1956 when I was 14 years old. I was completely paralyzed in my left leg and I have had restricted mobility ever since. But I learned to live with that. By far the worst problem was the cold as I have 3% circulation in my left leg. I could not even begin to tell you the things I have tried to keep my leg warm. But thanks to Thunderbolt socks my life has truly changed. From the first time I put them on I realized that these socks were the answer to my prayers. I am now able to go places and do things without continually worrying about the cold. My new socks are the first thing I talk about when I meet friends."-
Brian - New Zealand


"Just a quick thank you.

First thanks for the very prompt shipment of the socks. They arrived within a week!! Second what a flamin’ great product. My wife had not skied for 30 years due to Renaud’s disease and had given up hope of ever doing so again. Equipped with your Thunderbolt socks and some heat packs for her hands we went to Queenstown, New Zealand hopeful, but not too confident. We skied all day for five of our six days there! We charged the battery once after 3 days of almost none stop use. I say almost non stop as we had on occasion to turn off the unit due to it’s effectiveness."
Rob - Australia