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Thunderbolt electric heated socks are easy to use and last several hours between charges.


When your feet get cold, just adjust the temperature on the control box and your electric socks will soon heat your feet up!

Instructions for Care and Use of Thunderbolt Heated Socks

Following are suggestions for using your Thunderbolt heated electric socks to obtain maximum comfort and product life.


First Time Use

  1. Charge the battery.
    Connect the charger to the rechargeable battery pack for several hours (overnight is fine). The charger will not overcharge the battery. This will prepare the battery pack with a full charge for maximum time heating your electric socks outdoors.
  2. Put on a pair of lightweight inner socks and long underwear.
  3. Put on the Thunderbolt electric socks, routing the power cables up to your waist, then together, right or left side, depending on your preference.
  4. Pull on outer pants, over the cables.
  5. Clip the black control box to your belt, right or left side and insert cables from socks into control box jacks labeled socks (left and right are interchangeable). Do not plug battery pack in until you want the electric socks to begin heating.
  6. When you are chilly and wish to begin using the electric socks, plug the battery pack into the control box jack marked bat. This will turn on the heat.
  7. Select High or Low power as desired. Low power is adequate for most situations and offers increased battery life between recharges.
  8. The blinking LED on the control box will let you know at a glance if you have selected high or low power (fast blinking means high power). In addition, as time passes and the battery becomes exhausted, the LED will blink slower and slower, finally stopping when the electric socks are no longer heating.
  9. Often, it is not necessary to keep the electric socks heating constantly. By periodically removing the battery connector plug from the control box, you can extend your battery life considerably.
  10. Since the battery pack is built using the latest NiMH cells which do not exhibit a discharge memory, you may recharge the pack any time, even though it is not fully discharged.

Care of Your Thunderbolt Heated Socks

  1. Under normal use, your electric socks do not need frequent washing. Changing the undersocks frequently usually does the trick.
  2. When the time comes, carefully hand-wash the electric socks using a mild detergent, and drip-dry. Drying may take a couple of days, so plan ahead.