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"I bought the reserve battery pack. I don't come out of the woods for lunch and the extra battery keeps my electric socks going all day."

RG, Grand Rapids, MI


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Lithium Ion

Thunderbolt Lithium Ion
Battery Pack

A second battery pack doubles the time you can spend in the field between recharges and is recommended for all-day hunts in cold weather or any other extended forays outside on cold days. An extra advantage is that one battery pack can be recharging while the other is in use. Battery cells don't exhibit "memory" and don't have to be completely discharged before recharging. The accessory pack is identical to the original and easily slips into the waist-mounted pouch. For convenience in carrying the second pack before it is needed, order the extra pouch below. One pouch can be clipped to each side of the waist for maximum comfort.



(Requires #1542 Rapid Charger)